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250 tokens


  • an access to our bot via the API.
  • Access to our control panel
  • 250 BullTrading tokens to pay our commissions
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600 tokens


  • an access to our bot via the API.
  • Access to our control panel
  • 600 BullTrading tokens to pay our commissions
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2500 tokens


  • an access to our bot via the API.
  • Access to our control panel
  • 2500 BullTrading tokens to pay our commissions
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BullTrading's commissions break down as follows:

  • When a trade wins, 3% of your net winnings are deducted from your BullTrading token balance.
  • When a trade loses, BullTrading does not take any commission.

At the exact moment the profits made on your positions will reach your tokens limit, the active position will be closed on Binance and your token balance will be set to 0.
If your balance is null, BullTrading will no longer make any transactions with your account, so make sure you always have a positive balance of tokens so that you do not miss any opportunities.

01. What is Bulltrading?

Bulltrading is an autonomous and intelligent trading bot that uses deep-learning algorithms to exchange crypto-currencies autonomously. It uses historical data and real-time market information to search for a profitable trade. The program uses an advanced probability calculus technique to determine whether the market is bullish or bearish.

02. How can I be sure that my funds are safe?

Bulltrading can only trade via the Binance API. Each trade has its own security protocol to prevent unauthorized access. Withdrawal authorization for keys must be turned OFF when you create API keys.

03. How can I better understand the system?

We recommend that traders use the system for at least a month to gain experience and analyze the results. By using the panel, you will be able to see the daily gains made.

Frequently Asked Questions.

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